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Rufus Dercksen Inc.

From the outset in 1997, we decided to focus on specific fields of the law rather than trying to attend to all fields of the law.

We started by specialising in corporate recoveries for financial institutions and were later rated not only as the number one performing firm in the Western Cape, but also as one of the top three performing firms countrywide for more than a decade.

Today, we act for listed companies, municipalities, financial institutions, and various other clients who are leaders in their respective fields nationwide.

Director, Rufus Dercksen Inc.

About Us

In 2019 we have been involved in the restructuring of almost a billion rand. At our workplace we encourage an environment where each member of the team feels at home; a place where they feel they would like to be. We fully understand and appreciate our responsibility towards a client who pays for our service and advice. We truly believe in the Rule of Law, and endorse Theodore Roosevelt’s declaration of


no man is above the law, no man is below it, nor do we ask anyone permission when we ask him to obey it